So we PACK UNITS - What does that mean ?
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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

So we PACK UNITS - What does that mean ?

As the title may suggest - Yes we pack units, but often one doesn't know what this entails and how this may help your business.

Basically we source the required products for our end user and we purchase those products in, sort, prep and then put these toghether into cartons for their units, apartments and more. This is a very lengthy process and we enjoy being able to offer this service to those that would find this challenging to try to complete themselves without the space, staff and access to products that we have.  So it all starts with discussing requirements, end date for the project, sourcing the goods, pricing the fitout and then buying the products in and coordinating the timing.  Then the real fun begins, the products are broken down into the quantities required per unit/apartment - these are products such as cutlery, glassware, porcelain, etc and then there are add ons like colander, casserole dish, kettle, dustpan and brush, washing basket, bin and so.  All those products you have used before in an apartment or hotel room that is fitted out with kitchen and bathroom requirements.  Once the products are broken down and prepped into the quantities required, then they are packed in the most effective way possible for despatch and to ensure they get delivered with no breakages.








So now you know how this process plays out, I wonder if you have a project in mind that we could assist you with.  An office kitchette, meeting rooms, apartments fitouts, new hotel rooms, school canteen requirements, home economic classrooms. 

We are flexible with how you as the customer require the goods to be packed and sent, we do our best to meet the requirements you have for products and source only the best products in to achieve your vision.

So let us know how we can HELP you - email us or phone us on 1300 998 768 with your requirements.

We look forward to talking more.

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