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Fish Cutlery

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26% offAlexis Oyster Fork 131mm


28% offElite Oyster Fork 138mm


16% offGable Oyster Fork 130mm


26% offHarley Oyster Fork 133mm


23% offMilano Oyster Fork 130mm


26% offOxford Oyster Fork 130mm


16% offStrand Oyster Fork 130mm


16% offDuomo Oyster Fork 141mm


44% offLuxor Oyster Fork 138mm


29% offCasino Fish Knife 215mm


11% offBogart Fish Knife 198mm


13% offElegance Fish Knife 198mm


17% offMilano Fish Knife 225mm


26% offMonaco Fish Knife 208mm


19% offScandia Fish Knife 210mm


30% offParis Fish Fork 18 10 185mm


12% offParis Fish Knife 18 10 200mm


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Displaying 1-45 of 53 products.

Perfect for all restaurants but essential for those specialising in seafood our range of oyster and snail forks add a touch of individuality to your establishment with of 25 different designs to choose from including the Duomo, Luxor, Monaco and Monte to name a few. Made of quality stainless steel, offering durability we can offer you a range of oyster forks, snail forks and fish cutlery in a variety of styles to suit.

Hospitality Products's Fish Cutlery category has an average review score of 4.4 out of 5 stars based on 157 customer reviews.

Fish Cutlery ranging from $0.42 to $12.54 available in various options. Our range of premium Fish Cutlery is absolutely suitable for cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels or even your very own kitchen. Buy Fish Cutlery at Wholesale Hospitality today at affordable prices.